Show Special - Combination Package Model 45 & Ribbon Printer

Show Special - Combination Package Model 45 & Ribbon Printer
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For over 70 years, Howard Imprinting has been the industry leader in providing customers affordable solutions for increasing profits. It is a simple fact…personalization through imprinting provides increased revenues, higher profit margins and repeat business. This package is designed for those of you who have a need for both machines we sell. Purchasing both machines at the same time results in substantial savings for you.


22% Discount from List Price: save $886!



Included in the combination package is:


Model 45 Hand Personalizer, Reference Manual, Training DVD, TS-95 Self-Centering Type Holder, Type Holder Stand, Worktable, Ribbon Guide, Foil Rack, 18pt. Goudy Type Set (Caps/Lower Case/Numbers), 18pt Spacer Set, TT-1 and TT-3 Storage Trays, 10 Rolls of Foil (3 year warranty).



RP-800 Ribbon Printer, Software, Reference Manual, USB Cable, Online Training, Ribbon Guide, 3/8” – 5/8” – 7/8” – #9 Multi-Ribbon Adapters, 15 Rolls of Foil in the following colors: Metallic Gold & Silver, Matte Gold & Silver, White, Black, Red, Green, Blue, Light Blue, Pink, Purple, Navy, Yellow and Lime Green (1 year warranty).


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