Hot Stamping Christian Bookstore System

Hot Stamping Christian Bookstore System
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Included in the Christian Bookstore System:

1 Model 150 Hand Hot Stamping Machine Personalizer (3 yr. Warranty)
1 Howard Reference Manual
1 Training DVD
1 Bible Clamp (to hold Bible in place when printing)
1 TS-93 Self-centering Type Holder
1 GB Gauge Bar (to align the Bible)
1 THS Type Holder Stand
1 18pt. Goudy-Set Capitals/Lowercase/Numbers
1 18pt. Spacer Set
4 Dies: 1/Cross  1/Dove  1/Fish  1/Praying Hands
1 TT-1 Type Tray (holds complete set of type)
1 TT-3 Spacer Tray (holds complete set of spacers)
4 3 ½" Foils 2/Gold, 2/Silver
  Freight (continental U.S.A.)


Total List Price $2186.70
As you can see you save $591.70 when purchasing this as a system.


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