Testimonials (Hot Stamping)

I have been a Howard Imprinting customer for 20 years.  You guys ship my orders faster than any of my other suppliers, and your employees are always pleasant and helpful.  I hope to be a customer for another 20 years.



I would like to take this opportunity to tell you of the wonderful experience my husband and I both had in meeting your representative, Doug Ott. He was most helpful and patient in teaching us to use our Howard Hot Stamping Machine.
Whenever I see an employee who is doing a very good job, I like to commend him, to his employer. I feel that far too many complaints are lodged, and not enough praise for work well done, in today's society.
Thank you for caring so much about your customers needs, that you make sure to hire well trained and considerate employees. This makes the learning process all that much easier.

Suzane Cybulski


I am very pleased with the service Howard provides. I have the utmost confidence in their customer service department, as they are always there to help whenever I have a question.



I started out using a hand operated Personalizer before purchasing a new Howard Model 150PN six months ago. It's the best investment we have ever made. With the Air operated Model 150PN we have increased our production and productivity.

Gary Weiss


I currently own two Howard Hot Stamping Machines and they have been a great addition to our business.



We have been using two Howard Hot Stamping Machines for many years. The profits from imprinting have helped put both our daughters through school. Needless to say we have been very happy with the machines and the additional revenue personalization has generated for our business.



I wanted to say how pleased we are with our Howard Hot Stamping Machine. We purchased the Model 45 in August of 2009 and it took us less than four months to generate enough profit from imprinting to pay for the machine. We have been very happy with our machine and the service from your company.

Chami Mc Pherson


I recently purchased a Model 45 Imprinter from you.  I had been searching for the right product for awhile, and the helpful staff from Reception to Sales to Customer Service has reinforced that I made the right decision going with a Howard Imprinting Machine.  What a great product and great company.  I highly recomend both to anyone looking to personalize their products.



I recently opened my first business and am new to personalizing items.  I just want to say thanks to Howard Imprinting for your patience and always being there to help me with orders.  My business is steadily growing in part to your assistance and patience with helping a newbie.

Rachell Ann Wilson


We purchased the Model 150 at the Christian Book show last year, we have a bookstore in Miami.  We paid for our investment in 2 months just imprinting the names on our customers Bibles.  I would say in the first year we have paid for the machine 5 times over so it's been nothing short of a Blessing for our little book store.  Anyone with a bookstore that sells Bibles would be foolish not to offer this service in their store.  



I don't want to sound like a broken record, but I've always felt there's no harm in passing along positive comments.  I hooked up the Howard 45PN today and after a little bit (and I mean little) of adjustment, I started printing what I needed for my project.  This project included numerous imprints and each and every one of them came out superbly. I also appreciated the quick shipment.  I ordered it one day and received it the next.  Thanks!